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We take a moment to read and accept our Terms of Use.

  • The Center for the Future "CENTER" is a safe space for kind and direct feedback. Feedback is to be delivered and received as just that, kind and helpful feedback.
  • We are here to help with no strings attached and no ulterior motives. No Sales... No Solicitation... The entrepreneur is in control of the ask.
  • The CENTER is for use of entrepreneurs, innovators, guests, and trained mentors (300 Mentors)
  • Use the CENTER as a place to work on and share your idea.
  • You agree to have your picture taken and agree to the same being posted on website and/or social media.
  • Unless you specifically let participants know that something is private, it will be treated as publicly accessible information.
  • Anything shared with copyrighted information shall to be treated as such and not to be shared outside of the ZONE.
  • Absolutely No Recording of any kind... Unless the entrepreneur and CENTER Director authorize in writing.
  • Anyone disrupting the mission of the CENTER will be asked to leave.

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