The Center for the Future recently marked a significant milestone with the successful culmination of our Phase II Startup Hackathon. This event was a beacon of progress, witnessing the transformation of three embryonic companies, guiding them meticulously through the second of three pivotal phases leading to a successful launch.

Here’s an in-depth look at the highlights that made this event stand out:

  • Maturity and Growth: These promising startups achieved a profound understanding of the key success factors essential for a growing company. The structured approach of the Lean business canvas model has borne fruit as these young companies showcase advanced comprehension and readiness for the challenges ahead.
  • Mentorship Par Excellence: We were honored to have Troy Alvarez from INTEL Corporation lend his prowess. Troy’s exceptional expertise in the finance sector, encompassing areas like transactions, business acquisitions, and mergers, added an unparalleled layer of guidance and knowledge for our participants.
  • Directional and Structured Guidance: Our Program Director, Peter Mantas, seamlessly combined structured discussions with hands-on mentorship. His insights, especially concerning the sales funnel, provided participants with a clear, charted process, aiding them in understanding the road to entrepreneurship.
  • Looking Forward: The horizon is bright with opportunities! The Center is preparing to introduce and mentor new Phase I cohorts this coming October. For our current achievers from the hackathon? They’re poised to make their mark in the Arizona Innovation Challenge, with entries now officially open.
  • Empowerment Workshops on the Anvil: Are you a budding entrepreneur or startup looking to refine your skills? Join us for a series of workshops covering effective presentation techniques, marketing nuances, and comprehensive guidance on structuring your company, be it LLC, C-corp, S-corp, and more. Additionally, benefit from expert advice on pivotal legal and tax concerns.

We owe the success of this Hackathon to each participant, mentor, sponsor, and supporter. A special thank you to the US Department of Agriculture Rural Business Development Grant and our fiscal sponsor, Prescott Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Your invaluable support continues to enable and inspire us.

As we journey forward, we remain committed to fostering innovation, nurturing growth, and catalyzing the success of our ever-evolving startup community. The future holds immense promise, and together, we’re poised to shape it!

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